Endebess, Kenya

Endebess, Kenya

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- Kenya
Region - 
Producer/s - Rungeto Cooperative
Processing - Natural - slow dried
Varietal/s - SL34, SL28
Grade - Natrual (not screen graded)
Altitude - 1600 MASL
Harvest - December-January 2020/21

Flavour Notes - Candied orange, grape jam & melon

In a land where the clean, most vibrant washed coffees are grown is a deviation to the status-quo, a chance for a special natural-processed coffee to be born. Endebess Estate is where this happens, natural Kenyan coffees are pretty rare. The cup profile still honours the typical profile of a Kenyan coffee, but with a twist.

Espresso Recipe: 1:3 ratio
In: 20 grams dry dose
Out: 60 grams beverage weight output
Time: contact time of 26+ seconds

Filter Recipe: 1:16.5 ratio 
In: 20 grams dry coffee
Out: 330 grams brewing water
Time: 2:45-3:15 minutes