Gaharo, Burundi (Natural)

Gaharo, Burundi (Natural)

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- Burundi
Region -
Producer/s - 322 local small-holders
Washing Station - Bukeye
Processing - Natural; performed on raised beds
Varietal/s - Bourbon
Altitude - 1900 MASL
Harvest - September 2023

Flavour Notes - Strawberry, grape & soft florals

We have always followed the coffee from Long Miles closely, as we are a big fan of their work and the impact it makes to the sustainability of producing coffee. The largest positive impact is to the small-holder coffee farmers, because they make up the majority of the growers in Burundi. They can sell their coffee cherries for a much higher price when there is a facility that cares for and markets their coffee with greater transparency.

This lot is from the farmers on the hill of Gaharo, and it is processed at the Bukeye Washing Station, the first washing station built by Long Miles. This natural-processed lot is a testament to the processing quality that is able to be achieved with a well-built and run washing station.

Espresso Recipe: 1:3 ratio
In: 20 grams dry dose
Out:  60 grams beverage weight output
Time: Contact time of 30+ seconds

Filter Recipe: 1:17 ratio 
In: 20 grams dry coffee
Out: 330 grams brewing water
Time: 2:30-2:45 minutes