Minani, Rwanda

Minani, Rwanda

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- Rwanda
Region - ​
Rushashi District, Northern Province
Producer/s - Minani Anastase
Washing Station - Ruli
Processing - Fully Washed
Varietal/s - Red Bourbon
Altitude - 1960 MASL
Harvest - July 2023

Flavour Notes - Cherry, chamomile & black tea

A single producer lot from Rwanda is very hard to come by. Most lots
that are exported are broken up as day picking of 100+ farmers from their very small plots of coffee. Minani’s lot from this only a total of around 300kg and we have some of it to share with you. Our second Rwanda for the season, a very special release, and a returning producer of three years.

Espresso Recipe: 1:3 ratio
In: 20 grams dry dose
Out:  60 grams beverage weight output
Time: Contact time of 28+ seconds

Filter Recipe: 1:16.5 ratio 
In: 20 grams dry coffee
Out: 330 grams brewing water
Time: 2:45-3:00 minutes