Oreti AA, Kenya

Oreti AA, Kenya

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- Kenya
Region - 
Producer/s - Local small-holders
Washing Station - Oreti Estate
Processing - Fully-washed
Varietal/s - SL14, SL28 & SL34
Altitude - 1600 MASL
Harvest - December 2019

Flavour Notes - Cranberry, blackcurrant & elderberry

This is your classic 'AA' Kenyan fruit bomb. The coffee is grown on Oreti Estate owned by the Harries family. It is one of the last estates in Kenya as most coffee is grown, and picked as small lots of cherries part of a large co-operative and delivered to the washing station where it is branded as the washing station itself. Oreti is a really fruity coffee. Like drinking a popper of Ribena straight from the lunchbox. If you were am aussie kids you know what's up. Another amazing type of coffee profiles coming out of Kenya.

Espresso Recipe: 1:3 ratio
In: 20 grams dry dose
Out:  60 grams beverage weight output
Time: Contact time of 23+ seconds

Filter Recipe: 1:17 ratio 
In: 20 grams dry coffee
Out: 330 grams brewing water
Time: 2:45-3:00 minutes