Luis Ordoñez, Mexico

Luis Ordoñez, Mexico

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- Guatemala
Region - 
Producer/s - Luis Ordoñez
Washing Station - on the farm
Processing - Washed
Varietal/s - Garncia & Bourbon, Caturra, Pacamara
Altitude - 1500-600 MASL
Harvest - March 2023

Flavour Notes - Red apple, apricot, malt milkshake

Luis Ordonez is a farmer from Amatenango de la Frontera, Chiapas, a stones throw away from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. His 26-hectare farm is quite large by Mexican standards and he has been working the land for over 25 years. He cultivates more than a dozen different varieties and is highly focused on quality. His youngest son, Meynor, helps him in all aspects of farm management. Luis said that, in the past, his goal in owning a farm was to simply own 40 hectares of coffee-producing land. However, at present, he only has half the labour he needs to manage his current acreage.

As such, his goals have changed and now he wants to open a centralized wet mill in Amatenango and buy cherry from other farmers on both sides of the Mexican/Guatemalan border. As someone familiar with the exploitation of farmers by large domestic buyers, he wants to now give back to his neighbours, help stabilize their income and give them a meaningful path forward. We hope this dream comes to pass and that we can be a small part of its story. Now, more than ever, the specialty coffee community needs your help. From farmers to baristas, please make sure you use your dollars wisely and support roasters who are buying in ways that are comprehensively beneficial to the whole supply chain.

Espresso Recipe: 1:3 ratio
In: 20 grams dry dose
Out:  60 grams beverage weight output
Time: Contact time of 26+ seconds

Filter Recipe: 1:16.5 ratio 
In: 20 grams dry coffee
Out: 330 grams brewing water
Time: 2:30-2:45 minutes